12 December 2010

    tEST yOURSELF !!

    ujilah dirimu sebelum ujian melanda


    1. Receptor adaptation occurs when;
    a) a receptor modifies an impulse as the strength of the stimulus changes,
    b) a sensory neuron has stopped sending impulses even though the original stimulus is still present,
    c) receptors adapt to different environments,
    d) a receptor develops the ability to recognize different stimuli.

    2. Receptors are classified according to:
    a) how quickly they respond to a stimulus,
    b) the type of stimulus they convert,
    c) the type of signal they generate,
    d) how often they respond to a stimulus.

    3. Sensations of touch and pressure will stimulate:
    a) mechanoreceptors,
    b) photoreceptors,
    c) thermoreceptors
    d) chemoreceptors

    4. Somatic sensations originate from:
    a) receptors on the hands and feet
    b) receptors concentrated in a specific area of the body
    c) receptors in the muscles
    d) receptors present at more than one location in the body

    5. The central nervous system interprets impulses based on their origin and:
    a) type
    b) speed
    c) duration
    d) frequency

    p/s; can't use Guyton, Ganong, Vander and any physiology books while answering this questions.
    be honet.....

    4 ungkapan:

    ^Laila^ said...

    wahh.. wt soalan physio sndr? mntap2.. skema jwpn mne?? :)

    Ahmad Faris MZIYAK said...

    hahaha....bukannye susah pown soklan...xperlu skema2 pon...

    ^Laila^ said...

    soalan chan ade dkt2 sm dh dgn soalan prof td.. mntap~ =)

    Ahmad Faris MZIYAK said...

    haha....dkat la same dari jenis soalan ade la...OBA....bukan true/flase...anyway, susa2 pon, lel bole jawab gak...keh3..



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